SHE... a spouse, an entrepreneur, a mother, a journalist, an artist, a feminist, an ecologist, a daughter, a writer, a friend, a lawyer,...

So many roles we play, so many masks we wear...

But who is really "She"? What does "She" want in her life? What does "She" think? How does "She" feel? What's behind the labels "She" uses to wear? 

How about... 

...a place and time where we can simply be ourselves, let our true inner self speak, and forget for a few hours our professional, family and couple lives? 

...taking the time to discuss, learn to know each other, share, create, open our mind, elevate each other, reflect, and say what we want to say, together

"Le but de ces rencontres est de partager nos expériences ainsi que nos opinions sur le monde et la place que nous y tenons en tant que femmes, nous élever les unes les autres, nous accomplir chacune dans nos projets respectifs, croire en nous."

She for...

Sharing Helping Empowering. Three words that we want to keep in mind while meeting together:

SHARING our feelings, thoughts, experiences and challenges.

HELPING, supporting and listening to each other with empathy, by giving time and/or resources.

EMPOWERING one another to develop our projects, create and become who we truly are. 

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