Breaking the Wool - Handmade wool products

Breaking the Wool manufactures beautiful wool pieces, such as exceptional châles, inspired by the iconic “Trendy Châle,” an original piece created in 2009 by Mlle Sophie.

The entire collection is handmade by expert and passionate knitters working with the most natural wool, and dedicated to adhering to ancestral traditions to reach the finest-quality standards.

Each piece from our collection come with its own story, from the inspiration behind its design to the making of it in very small quantities.

"We believe that women’s necks are where seduction starts, and that this resolutely fragile, elegant part, vulnerable to wind and glances, deserves to be wrapped in the most delicious manner."

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Founder of Breaking the Wool

Mlle Sophie was born and raised in “wool land” and learned how to knit on her devoted, loving grandmother’s knees.

Driven by an entrepreneurial and artistic soul, she left France for New York, where she created “Paul & Sophie,” a brand of stylish knitted accessories for children.

In 2009 she moved to San Francisco and launched a blog that brings together craft, fashion and knitting.


That’s when she created the iconic Trendy Châle.


She posted the pattern and encouraged her followers to reinterpret her creation. To date, thousand of apprentice knitters around the world have made their own “Trendy.”

This early success kick-started the launch of her new brand, Breaking the Wool. Further to San Francisco and Paris, she now continues the adventure in New York.

Mlle Sophie's patterns can be found in many publications. She also published two successful books about knitting

Dynamic and sparkling, Sophie was one of our guest speakers. She shared her experience with us. Thank you again dear Sophie :)