Orikami - Origami-inspired concept store

ORIKAMI is a concept store sourcing origami-inspired and unique products from around the world

ORIKAMI offers a judiciously selected mix of specially made items from home decor, toys, gadgets, jewelry to nursery items.

The brand’s name is rooted in Japanese language: “ORI” meaning FOLDING, and “KAMI” meaning PAPER.

The store’s signature is based upon the values of minimalism. Embracing the clean, sharp lines of traditional origami to bring that same form of simplicity into our lives. The ORIKAMI picks bring art into your home or office space.

ORIKAMI provides customers with a memorable shopping experience while supporting the businesses behind the products.

ORIKAMI partners with the local community to bring products that are made right here in New York City in addition to the design pieces they get from around the world. They also take a great interest in brands that focus on social responsibility, like Tegu, who uses their profits as a means for charity in underdeveloped portions of the world.

ORIKAMI aims to encourage creativity in growing designers by incorporating Kickstarter into their inventory.

“Inspiring others to foster their creativity into something greater than they could’ve ever imagined”


Founder of ORIKAMI

Valérie Kerbage has immersed herself in the arts since a very young age. She had studied fine arts and graphics before concentrating on digital design. Her career began as an art director, freelancing for top advertising companies in Paris.

Upon moving to New York City years later, Valérie embarked on an entrepreneurial path to launch her own creative studio with a focus on the fashion industry.

In 2014, upon the birth of her first child, Valérie created ORIKAMI – an idea inspired by her childhood memories combined with her design aesthetic.

« I had thought of creating my own brand for years, and when I became a mother, I felt a rush to pursue this dream. It had clicked one day when I was shopping for my newborn at a trendy retail store. I envisioned that I could create a unique brand of my own by taking roots from my childhood memories of Asian arts and combine them with my design aesthetic. Origami came as the main theme to unify those influences, as well as my passion for all things art. The Japanese origami tradition is unique in and of itself. And like any creative process, it starts with a blank sheet of paper, allowing a never ending variety and complexity of art forms that makes beauty possible. »

Website :  orikami.net    Email : valerie@orikami.net   Instagram : /myorikami/   Shoptiques :  orikami.shoptiques.com

Website: orikami.net

Email: valerie@orikami.net

Instagram: /myorikami/


Valérie was one of our guest speakers. She shared with us her experience, what made her achieve her goals, what books inspired her, how she's managing her life as a mother and as a entrepreneur. It was so interesting and inspiring. Thank you so much Valérie!