Portrait de Danielle Kayembe - Powerbase Meditation

Danielle is a serial entrepreneur who works on projects at the intersection of women, business and social impact.

Through her mindfulness startup, Powerbase Meditation, she teaches meditation techniques designed for modern women, and coaches other entrepreneurs and executives.

"While building a career in international business, I spent a decade studying meditation in monasteries and practicing yoga.  After years of study, I came to the surprising realization that what women learn in meditation, mindfulness and yoga are actually male-centered practices." 

That's why Danielle created the so-called "Powerbase meditation", a meditation expressly for women.

Powerbase is meditation for modern women. Simple techniques designed for the way women are wired.

Powerbase is designed for high-impact women leaders who want to improve their focus, improve emotional self-regulation, and understand how to shift into authentic leadership. These techniques are meant to be carried with you to the boardroom and beyond.

Danielle believes meditation is a critical tool in creating female leaders that are healthy, balanced and authentic. Danielle coaches other female entrepreneurs, founders and executives.

PowerBase Meditation techniques are specifically designed for modern women. The techniques are simple and can be practiced in 5-10 minutes to restore a sense of balance and grounding.

About Danielle

Danielle is dedicated to empowering women through her global work in business and social impact, meditation and personal coaching practice, and public speaking engagements.

Danielle has over 10 years of experience in international consulting and finance in New York and sub-Saharan Africa. As part of Banc of America’s Leveraged Finance team, she worked on over $3 billion of transactions for private equity firms and companies in various industries. She later worked for HSBC, where she developed $4.5 billion in leveraged acquisition finance opportunities for companies in their portfolio. Following her work at HSBC, Danielle focused on international consulting in sub-Saharan Africa, where she advised firms such as Helios Towers, Kingdom Zephyr, and Vodacom in DR Congo. Most recently, she worked for McCann Global Health IPG, providing strategic consulting to their portfolio of global pharmaceutical clients, and advising on mobile health initiatives in Africa.

On April 13, 2017, Danielle was our guest. She told us more about herself and her experience. She explained what Powerbase meditation is and we learnt simple meditation techniques.

Thank you so much, Danielle. We really enjoyed your sweetness, generosity and serenity.