Portrait de Marine Sélénée - Family Constellations

Marine Sélénée is a coach specialized in Family Constellations and a Reiki practitioner.

Marine will guide you to embrace your true self and feel at peace with success, and fulfillment.

Marine will guide you to embrace your true self and feel at peace with success, and fulfillment.

Marine helps her clients to achieve their highest potential and empowerment, in their personal, and professional lives.

Originally from Paris, Marine now lives in New York and has a broad outlook and experience working with people of all backgrounds.

She studied Family Constellations at The Bert Hellinger Institute in New York, with world-renowned professors Suzi Tucker and Mark Wolynn.

Her background in communications and psychology, coupled with her own personal healing journey has led Marine to develop a unique coaching approach. Learn more about it in “My letter to you“.

Marine Sélénée is also the author of The Movement: An authentic method to reconcile with your roots and live the life you’re meant to, an enlightening introduction to the power of Family Constellations, an innovative healing process that reveals the truth behind your patterns. Marine shares her story and insights of how this beautiful process can help everyone learn about their family and lineage ‘stories’ from the past; those blocks which can hold us back and prevent personal growth.

About Family Constellations

Your family story can unknowingly hold you back from success.

Your attempts to accomplishment and fulfillment hit dead ends no matter what you do or which plan you follow? Unresolved traumatic events in your family can hinder how happiness and success flow to you, and how well you are able to receive them.

From receiving an underserved inheritance, to sharing an unconscious identification with someone in the family who failed or was cheated or cheated someone, to experiencing the trauma of an early separation from a mother can all affect our ability to feel secure and complete.

With Marine, you will understand, acknowledge and recognized what happened to your inner child, teenager or young adult.

Gaining acceptance towards the past allows yourself to be fully present, to live the life you want without guilt, frustration or sadness.

Through Family Constellations’ work, emerge feeling whole.

More information about Marine:

Marine has been our guest on May 3 for an introduction session about family constellations and psycho-genealogy. It was so interesting! 

Thank you, Marine, for sharing your experience and power with us.