Coaching with Valérie-Anne Demulier

Founder of She for S.H.E · Certified Professional Co-Active Coach (CPCC, ACC)

She for S.H.E was created to build an inclusive community of strong and ambitious French-speaking women. The name reflects our values – a commitment to Sharing, Helping, and Empowering one another. I am excited to continue serving this mission by offering 1-on-1 coaching services.

A former business lawyer, I founded She for S.H.E in New York City in January 2016. Creating my business in the United States, organizing more than 400 events, and expanding internationally have marked my entrepreneurial journey. The last six years have been committed to furthering the journey of hundreds of expatriate women, often in professional transition or personal questioning.

Thanks to the many She for S.H.E meetings I facilitated on personal and professional development, combined with independent education, I was able to develop a variety of coaching techniques.

I decided to deepen my knowledge through structured education and chose the renowned training offered by CTI (Co-Active Training Institute).

I am now delighted to offer 1-on-1 coaching to high-achieving women in person in San Francisco or virtually around the world.

Unlock your full potential, develop your leadership skills, and find your purpose, balance, and happiness.

Valerie-Anne Demulier

Discovery, awareness, and choice

Coaching is a powerful collaboration designed to help you find clarity, overcome challenges, and maximize your potential in every aspect of life. It’s about transforming your goals into tangible results and fostering personal and professional success.

As a trained coach with CTI, I embrace the Co-Active Model in my coaching practice. This approach is built on the idea that every individual is inherently creative, resourceful, and whole. Our partnership will focus on:

– Deepening your understanding of your values and objectives.
– Identifying and overcoming limiting beliefs and patterns that hinder progress.
– Creating and implementing strategic action plans to achieve your goals.

As your coach, I promise to create a warm, confidential, and inspiring environment where you can explore your aspirations, challenges, and potential.

Together, let’s pave the way to success, growth, and fulfillment!

  • Coaching in French or English
  • Certified Professional Co-Active Coach (CPCC)
  • Associate Certified Coach (ACC) – International Coaching Federation (ICF)
  • Trained in Positive Intelligence
  • To know more, send me an email or book a free 15-minute session: click here


Mes sessions de coaching avec Valérie-Anne ont été particulièrement utiles lors de ma transition de carrière et l’amorce de mon parcours en tant qu’auto-entrepreneure. J’aime la presence et personalité rassurante de Valérie-Anne, et j’ai toujours participé à nos sessions avec enthousiasme.

 Ces sessions m’ont aidée à structurer mes pensées, à réaffirmer mes valeurs et priorités, à identifier ce qui m’entrave, mon “saboteur”, et à enrichir ma “boîte à outils” pour mieux gérer les moments d’incertitude ou les coups de “blues” professionels.

 L’aspect introspectif des rencontres m’a permis de prendre conscience de mes habitudes (parfois contre productives) et de mettre en place de nouvelles stratégies tout en trouvant une nouvelle source d’énergie et de motivation pour progresser dans mes projets.

 Je recommanderais sans hésitation Valérie-Anne à ceux en quête de développement personnel, souhaitant acquérir de nouveaux outils pour avancer, et cherchant une rétroaction constructive qui rappelle leurs motivations initiales lors des moments de doute. Valérie-Anne agit comme cette petite voix positive et encouragante dans l’arriere-plan qui nous incite à aller de l’avant.” 

Sophie F., Founder and Director,

I have been using Valérie-Anne as a coach for over a year and her work has had a lasting and compounding impact on my life so far. She has a very structured approach which allowed me to identify the various aspects of my life which I wanted to work on, feeling well taken care of. At each session, every topic we discuss, she will help me uncover my truth without influencing it. She also has a variety of tools she uses to help dive deep and create actionable tasks to help me move forward. Valérie-Anne has been incredibly helpful and I would recommend her in a heartbeat to anyone looking to improve all aspects of their life and live fully.

Laetitia D., VP,

I recently had the privilege of working with Valérie-Anne as a professional coach. I needed to redefine my perspective on business development and bring my business to the next step. Her enthusiasm, empathy, and expertise in small businesses make her the perfect coach. She understands small business issues, entrepreneurs’ challenges, and the importance of the pro-perso balance.

Thanks to Valerie-Anne and our work together, I understood my blocking points and overcame my saboteurs. Working and making business decisions by myself can be difficult and stressful. With Valerie-Anne by my side, each time I have a business challenge, I don’t hesitate to reach her and have a session with her. I know she will help me step back and I will be able to find the best decision for me and my business.

Leila B., Founder and CEO,

Grâce à Valérie-Anne, j’ai pu identifier précisement mes valeurs profondes pour être alignée avec mes choix et décisions. L’exercice “Life Purpose” m’a permis d’écouter ma petite voix intérieure et déterminer la bonne direction à suivre. Valérie-Anne a fait preuve d’une grande écoute, d’un soutien considérable et a toujours manifesté une énergie positive.

Florie G., Freelancer,

My coaching with Valerie Anne has changed my way of looking at my business to achieve an efficient balance between my professional and personal life.
She was able to show me the way to find concrete solutions, to remove the barriers and limitations I had to work effectively in developing my business.
Valérie-Anne sees the value of your abilities, gives you confidence, and provides specific insights to help you make your ambitions a reality.
Thank you so much Valerie Anne!

Laura S., Founder,