She for S.H.E organizes different kinds of events (4-6 per month):

  • Discussion Meetings: A topic (chosen in advance and proposed to the group) is discussed. We share our opinions, visions and feelings, learn to know each other, exchange our ideas... in a kind and benevolent atmosphere. These meetings are usually limited to 12 people.
  • Entrepreneur Meetings: Groups of 6 women entrepreneurs gather every two months to share their projects, challenges and successes, and receive constructive feedback from the others. The meetings are facilitated by someone from the She for S.H.E team who also provide useful resources and advice. The members of each group are part of a Whatsapp group so that they can stay in touch between the meetings.
  • Guest Speaker Meetings: An inspiring woman is invited to talk about her remarkable experience. 
  • Workshops: Discover & learn something new such as perfumery, gemology or mixology.
  • Networking Events: Drinks after work, brunches, picnics,... The idea is to meet, discuss and learn to know each other in a less formal way. 

Have a look at the Events tab to discover some of our past and future events. You can also check the Gallery tab to see some past events pictures.



In French:

  • AUTHENTICITE, BIENVEILLANCE ET RESPECT: nous partageons nos idées, opinions et pensées dans le respect de chacune. Nous nous parlons ouvertement et nous écoutons avec empathie et sans jugement.
  • CONFIDENTIALITE ET CONFIANCE : tout ce qui se dit dans le cadre des événements, rencontres et réunions reste entre nous.
  • ENGAGEMENT: nous sommes pleinement présentes et nous investissons lors des événements. Nous sommes actives dans la communauté afin de la faire vivre et évoluer.


She for S.H.E is a community of French-speaking ladies. However, we all live in New York and speak English. Most of the meetings are in French but some are in English, depending on the guest speakers or the partners/sponsors involved.

Why is the website in English ? Because we want everybody to be able to understand who we are and what we do.

In which language should I contact you? French or English are both fine :)


The events take place in New York City. More cities coming soon... You want an event to take place in your city? Contact us and let's discuss! :)


The events usually take place on weekdays, on a regular basis (4-6 times a month). Check the Event Page to discover the upcoming events.

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    We're always happy to partner with great people or brands we like. If you want to partner with us on an event or be one of our sponsors, please contact us!