A community of dynamic women living in New York

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All of us are in different stages in our lives:

  • either you just arrived in New York and are looking for meaningful connections?
  • or you are about to launch your own venture (or just dreaming about it), and would like to share your ideas and receive some feedback?
  • or maybe you want to foster your creativity, expand your environment, and meet with other women who share the same values?


In any case, She for S.H.E (Sharing Helping and Empowering) might be the right place for you.

Because together, we are stronger

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She for S.H.E is a group of like-minded ladies who want to share their experiences and visions, work on and mature their projects, learn new things, empower and support each other.

The meetings and events give you the opportunity to connect with other dynamic French-speaking women living in New York.

You'll find more information about the project here. You can also read our Letter to the Community (in French) here.

She for S.H.E's Values

Becoming a member, you become part of a community of positive and benevolent women, and you embrace the She for S.H.E's values:

  • Confidentiality and Trust: everything that is said during the meetings stays between us
  • Authenticity, Kindness and Respect: we share openly and honestly, and we support and listen to each other with empathy and respect
  • Commitment: we are committed to the community and fully present at the meetings and events we attend

We expect the members to take an active role in sharing their stories, challenges and successes, and providing content, tips and advice to the others, so that we can all achieve our goals and thrive together.

Memberships Benefits

When you become a She for S.H.E member, you benefit from:

  • Being a part of a dynamic network, Feeling Energized and Inspired
  • Discounted Prices on the events (around 4 per month)
  • Access to some Free Events
  • Access to some Members’ Only Events
  • Access to a List of the Other Members
  • Access to the Facebook Private Group, where you can connect with other members and access useful and inspiring resources
  • Proactive Connections by our team to other members that could be of interest to you and your business/personal life
  • Once a month, possibility to Invite a Guest who will benefit from the members' price
  • Members’ Perks: discounts on our partner brands

Memberships Prices

Option 1: Yearly Subscription: $240 ($20/month)
Option 2: Monthly Subscription: $25/month

First Members Discount: If you register prior to May 31, you'll pay $200 only for the Yearly Subscription (instead of $240) !


If the She for S.H.E's values and project resonate with you, you can apply to become a member.

Fill in the below questionnaire and tell us more about you! Our community is highly curated and each application will be carefully reviewed so that the She for S.H.E's spirit is preserved :)

You can reply in French or in English ;)

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Just in case you really have a lot to say ;)


Any questions? Just email us at contact@she4she.com or click here.

Can't wait to meet you ! :)