Memberships Benefits

When you become a She for S.H.E Member, you benefit from:

  • Being a part of a dynamic network, Feeling Energized and Inspired

  • Discounted Prices on the events

  • Access to Free Events

  • Access to Members’ Only Events

  • Access to the Other Members' Information (job, interests, contact details...)

  • Access to the online "Members Only" Page and to a Facebook Private Group, where you can connect with other Members and access useful and inspiring resources

  • Access to WhatsApp Discussion Groups (retail, sport, ecology, cultural outings...)

  • Access to Entrepreneurs Meetings

  • On request Introductions to Other Members you would like to connect with

  • Once a month, possibility to Invite a Guest who will benefit from the Members' price

  • ...

Memberships Prices

Option 1: Yearly Subscription: $360 ($30/month)

Option 2: Monthly Subscription: $40/month


Before applying, please read more about the concept here. If the She for S.H.E's values and project resonate with you, you can apply to become a Member.

Fill in the below questionnaire and tell us more about you! Our community is highly curated and each application will be carefully reviewed so that the She for S.H.E's spirit is preserved :)

Please reply preferably in French.

I confirm that I've read about the concept and that I agree with the She for S.H.E's Values *
First of all, we would like to be sure that you've read about the She for S.H.E concept (see About tab) and that you feel connected to our vision and values.
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Just in case you really have a lot to say ;)

 Any questions? Just email us at or click here.

Can't wait to meet you ! :)