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Spring Cocktails with Lillet

  • Public Factory 310 West Broadway New York, NY, 10013 United States (map)

Sprinkle your Spring with a Sparkle of Spritz

She for S.H.E and Lillet invite you to meet with dynamic women and taste the delicious Lillet White Spritz and Lillet Rosé Spritz.

The magic recipe:

  • Lillet White or Rosé
  • Tonic water
  • Strawberries
  • Mints leaves
  • Cucumber

We'll also have the opportunity to discover Lolo-Chatenay beautiful reversible and interchangeable handbags collection.

Let's celebrate Spring with like-minded women, handbags and good cocktails!


This event is FREE - Ladies only

About Lillet

Lillet is a fresh, slightly sweet wine-based aperitif from France, where it enjoys a long tradition. In 1872, Bordeaux’s first aperitif was established by brothers Raymond and Paul Lillet under the name Kina Lillet. Years later, this would change to just Lillet. But Lillet has always remained true to its roots. The employees at the small distillery of the traditional drink, based in Podensac, are extremely careful to keep the original recipe strictly secret. Still today, Lillet is therefore prepared with exclusively natural ingredients and with a great love of detail.

In France, they know exactly how to build bridges between tradition and innovation.

The unique, fruity aroma of Lillet Blanc comes from a blend of selected wines (85%) and fruit liqueur (15%). The wine is made from the Sémillon grape which, along with traditionally made citrus liqueur from Podensac near Bordeaux, matures for a few months in oaken vats.

Lillet is made using entirely natural methods. It is purely thanks to the fruit liqueur and the maturing process that the flavour of Lillet has hints of honey, candied oranges and tropical fruit.

This makes Lillet a refreshing aperitif with a soft, fruity taste.

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About Lolo Chatenay

The founders... Mother & Daughter

The founders... Mother & Daughter

A passion...

Beautiful fabrics and beautiful combinations... with handbags at the heart.

A dream...

To create a business and share this wonderful venture with people who are keen to see it grow whilst respecting and showcasing each and every person's work.

This is a MOTHER & DAUGHTER family business which is fully self-financed.

An idea...

Rather than considering a bag as a single piece, Lolo Chatenay views it as several separate parts.

The aim is therefore to change the look of the bag depending on fashion trends as well as the user's mood and style.

The initial manufacturers loved the idea. They believed the concept had true potential and appreciated the boundless energy of the Lolo Chatenay team.

This resulted in the birth of MAGIC METAMORPHOSIS.

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Contact: Jacqueline Rey (+ 1 (929) 378 7717)