Workshop "Raw & Vegan Culinary Delights" - 10/24/16



On October 24, we learnt how to cook raw and vegan food with Belgian chef Julie Van den Kerchove from Julie's Lifestyle.

Julie is a professional raw food chef who passionately believes in the huge benefits of a primarily plant-based lifestyle high in fresh fruits and vegetables.


Julie was trained at the Living Light Culinary Institute in California where she learned all about raw food cooking techniques, flavor balancing and the science of plant-based nutrition.

After founding and working as the head chef at the high-end restaurant Essence Cuisine, she decided to change courses and pioneer Belgium’s first homemade raw vegan product line by offering delicious plant-based snacks that are packed with energizing nutrients and vibrant flavor.

In her first cookbook Vegan & Raw, Julie takes us through the best ingredients and methods for preparing delicious and easy raw & vegan meals. From berry cheesecake to richchocolate trufflescoffee caramel ice cream, raw vegan tacos and homemade fries, Julie shares 60 pure, plant-based recipes high in flavor and nutrition. Packed with beautiful photos and simple step-by-step instructions, Vegan & Raw provides a foundation for a pure, plant-based diet high in raw fruits and vegetables – helping you to look and feel better while enjoying fantastic food.

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This event was organized in collaboration with the Belgian-American Chamber of Commerce (BelCham). Photos by Bram Michael Christiaens.