Valérie-Anne Demulier

The Founder


Hi ! I'm Valérie-Anne

I'm 30 and I'm from Belgium. I arrived in New York in 2015 and I'm totally in love with the city!

After pursuing a career in international business law, I realized that that path didn't make me fully happy. I needed something else, something more fulfilling and energizing.

I launched She for S.H.E in January 2016. I wanted to create a dedicated place and time to meet with other dynamic women, elevate each other, share our projects and visions, and empower one another. Because I believe that together, we can achieve a lot.

Anne-Laure Mondoulet

The Interviewer and Journalist


Hi ! I'm Anne-Laure

I'm 35 and I'm from France. New York has been in my mind for a long time, I stayed in the city for a year in 2008 and came back with a job and a husband (or the other way around? :) in 2014.

Four years later, I'm the NY correspondent for a French business news media, and the happy (exhausted) Mum of a 2-year old boy. I met Valérie-Anne when she arrived in NY, we became friends and I was a member of the first She for S.H.E meeting in January 2016! I want to help expand this wonderful community by inviting and interviewing the most inspiring guest-speakers and share great moments with awesome women living in the city.

I love to travel and dive with sharks, running, skydiving, yoga, watch movies and meet as many people coming from different horizons. Diversity is what fulfills us every day!